Well, hello!

27th June 2010
Pleased to meet you. We are Mark and Patrick. We deliver business skills training to entrepreneurs and business leaders where they need it most; in the moment.

Business life, and life in general, is remembered as a series of moments. Some good, some bad. Being (and staying) in the moment, we believe, can increase the relative proportion of good moments.

We have developed a set of tools which allow busy, stressed, over-informed and over-diarised people not only to seize the moment, but even more importantly to control it by staying in the moment. If you’re a tennis fan, it’s a bit like being able to perform like Mahut and Isner at Wimbledon this year.

Our material is drawn from;
  • Leading edge, best-practice theory and evidence from Organisational Psychology
  • Best of breed Eastern Philosophy and principles
  • Five decades of hard-edged business experience. Between us, in case you were wondering

The reason we’re doing this is because we are delivering the training we wish we’d had twenty years ago. The stuff that would have prepared us for the knowledge economy, rapid and discontinuous change, austerity Budgets and (dare we even mention it) England crashing out of the World Cup at last 16 stage.

Because of our business experience we only focus on the stuff that works. These are tools that we use every day, so we know exactly how good they are.

We call them tools because, like hammers, screwdrivers and chisels, they are relatively easy to pick up and use, and the more regularly and often you use them the more skilled you become.

During the summer we are going out and about demonstrating our “in-the-moment Strategies” tool in a series of one-on-ones with selected opinion formers. We’ll let you know how we get on.

In the meantime, thanks for reading. And if you have a view about this and there’s something you’d like to say, do let us know.

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