When you want help solving a business problem.

Consultancy that keeps knowledge in the business.

  • To make big or small changes to the culture of the business
  • To challenge current thinking/how decisions are made
  • To build a robust and resilient strategy with the buy in of the whole team
  • To create a focus on continued development at all levels of the business
  • To be able to have difficult conversations and deal better with emotions in the business


Trusted, honest and effective support for business leaders.

Programmes for personal, professional and team development. Coaching focusses on four key areas of leadership behaviour;

  • Advanced C-suite Communication skills – integrated and congruent verbal, non-verbal and sub verbal
  • Strategic thinking and decision making – overcoming bias and creating robust solutions
  • Group dynamics – understanding and working with below-the-surface aspects of group behaviour
  • Energy – managing your own, and your team’s, energy levels to improve performance


Getting groups of people to make things happen.

Business focused sessions on issues that matter.

  • Bespoke interactive experiences to promote deep, long lasting learning
  • An experiential learning environment to embed high quality learning
  • A safe space for people to learn new skills and share their knowledge
  • A creative space for people to develop and share fresh perspectives openly and confidently

Clients work with us when;

The business needs to develop its culture to maintain or improve its competitive edge.
The business needs to integrate ‘soft skills’ behaviour with hard and measurable business performance.
The business needs teams to step up and be more autonomous in their decision making.
The business needs to focus on continuing personal and professional development to attract, retain and develop its best talent.
There is a need to bring teams together to improve communication and drive better results.

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