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Mark Seabright

Mark Seabright

I am happiest when I am working with business owners and CEOs taking a view of the whole business. This means getting to grips with the business model, considering the possible, mapping out the behavioural change required to meet new objectives, and most important, working with the leadership team to make change happen.

It’s the combination of the qualifications and experience that make the difference for clients. Battle scars and war stories are helpful if you are a consultant or a coach, but experience doesn’t count for much unless it’s underpinned by academic rigour. You need both to add real value to your clients’ businesses, because it’s the appropriate and dynamic combination of skill and knowledge that gets the result.

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Mark is very different from most other consultants. His out-of-the-box thinking and ability to link his approach to the commercial success of a business makes him an invaluable asset to any business leader.

Sue Walter, CEO, The Hospital Club

Mark is an essential advisor to our business and a pleasure to work with. He has an unusual blend of capabilities that’s incredibly valuable to us: analytical/detail-focused AND emotionally intelligent/people-focused. He’s brilliant and I strongly recommend him.

Ben Caspersz, Founder & Managing Director, Claremont Communications

Raul Aparici

Raul Aparici

I encourage clients to be curious observers of the challenges they face and I work with them to reach new and different levels of understanding.

My experience spans both academia and SME’s, most notably in the health and fitness industry. I take a systemic approach to business issues and I’m a strong believer in collaborative solutions to complicated problems.

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Patrick Lucocq


Patrick Lucocq

Patrick co-founded the business in 2010 and was essential to its success. His humour, honesty, humility, and above all his humanity were the essence of him. He will be missed. And he will be remembered.

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